Image from Sweapshop Game

Created by a team of students from the Philippines, Wildfire was created to address all of the
Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in one game, which is ambitious for an Imagine Cup
entry as most focus on one goal.

The game focuses on one character in a large city that is randomly generated. The player must react to the various issues in the city that map to different MDGs (such as eradicating world hunger, bettering global education or improving maternal health) by finding volunteers scattered around the city and allocating them to help with solutions. As the game progress, the frequency and diversity of issues increases, giving the player more to handle. The game is carried by slick visuals and a clean interface. In addition to the fast paced gameplay, the game also overlays a real time stream of the United Nations Twitter feed, adding real world context to players’ in-game actions.

Awards: 2010 Imagine Cup Winner

Play for free at: http://byimplication.com/#wildfire