Welcome to Pasos’ Virtual Museum

Here you will find a broad array of artistic and educational exhibits from people like yourself who are making their own personal statement as peacebuilders. By “peacebuilders” we mean those who believe in a “positive peace” characterized by the existence of peaceful social and cultural beliefs and norms; the presence of justice at all levels (economic, social, and political); the shared democratic use of power; and non-violence. In our Virtual Museum, we celebrate “positive peace” communicated through art, music, film, video, photography, poetry, prose, story telling, project development and the like.

The goal of these exhibits goes well beyond providing a passive experience of observing the work. We want to connect you with these peacebuilders. We look forward to you being inspired by their creative voice. Lastly, we challenge you to use this inspiration to find your own unique voice and response as a peacebuilder.

Once you do, tell us about it using our comments and submission forms. Have a website or link to your work? Share it with Pasos. We look forward to hearing from you.