Using Art Therapy to End Violence Against Women

programs_3Among those that have focused on the power of the arts to communicate peace building is the organization, A Long Walk Home. This non-profit uses art therapy and the visual and performing arts to end violence against girls and women. ALWH features the testimonies and art by survivors and their allies in order to provide safe and entertaining forums through which the public can learn about healing from and preventing gender violence.

One of their programs is Story of a Rape Survivor (SOARS). This award winning multimedia performance is meant to entertain as well as educate the audience about sexual assault prevention. Featuring the music of Nina Simone, Maxwell, and Sade, SOARS tells one woman’s story about how she reclaimed her body, sexuality, and self-esteem after being sexually assaulted in college. SOARS is a cutting-edge theatrical experience that stars a diverse cast of women, combining photographs, dance, spoken-word poetry and music as a way to educate about healing from sexual violence. The ultimate aim is to show that the shame, guilt and self-blame that rape victims too often experience can be eased; that the stories of rape survivors can be one of triumph and hope.

To learn more about A Long Walk Home and their many programs visit:

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