The Overwhelming

The Overwhelming presents a sprawling panorama of perspectives on a nation on the edge of civil war. We hear voices from the opposing factions, the Hutus and the Tutsis; from politicians and rebels; from local policemen, United Nations workers and foreign ambassadors. Most importantly, we are asked to see this spectrum of clashing sensibilities through the confounded eyes of a newly arrived American family, trying to stand upright as the ground shifts and fragments beneath it.”—Ben Brantley, The New York Times

j_t_rogers_largeTHE OVERWHELMING is an exotic thriller from award-winning playwright J. T. Rogers (Madagascar, White People, Blood and Gifts). Seizing the opportunity to do research for his new book, Jack Exley uproots his family and moves to Rwanda in early 1994. As Jack, his wife and his teenage son encounter foreign culture and eye-opening politics, they each find their own brand of trouble. Realizing that in this place no one is exactly what they seem, his family begins to unearth unexpected truths about this tiny, troubled nation…and about themselves. (From the Company One production in Boston.)

The Overwhelming Video Trailer