Soldiers of Peace

soldiers_of_peace_logoWe are bombarded with images of war—on the TV news, in our newspapers. The pictures pile up, and with them some solid assumptions. We assume that war is human nature. That there’s an epidemic of war and it’s only getting worse. That it’s too profitable for some businesses to be stopped—and too effective for some governments to give up. That war will be with us forever.

This documentary makes the point that, “None of these things is true. The world is changing. We are changing.”

The astonishing and astonishingly little-known fact is that the number of wars across the world is in fact dropping. Dramatically. We are actually in the grip of an outbreak of peace.

Away from the cameras, ordinary people everywhere are taking amazing steps to force peace out of trouble and violence. Even business—long assumed to be the dark driving force behind war—has worked out that there’s more money to be made in peace. The enterprises that profiteer from war are in the minority, and they’re shrinking.

And if those positive forces aren’t enough, there’s one very big reason already compelling us to evolve beyond our ancient human impulse to war: the planet. The challenges of global warming confront humankind with an absolute crossroads in our development as a species. The problems are by their nature, global. They cannot be solved by individual countries. And their solutions necessarily demand co-operation at a level we have yet to experience in human history. War cannot solve these problems. It can only make them insoluble. The only way to survive is to evolve, and become peaceful.

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