Stéphano Honoré, (born 21 October 1955 in Cassis, Mauritius) better known as Menwar, is a Mauritian percussionist and singer. He was one of the pioneers of modern sega music, forming the group Sagaï in the 1980s. Honoré is a player of the ravanne, for which he has developed a written technique, something that has not been done previously. The ravanne is a large tambourine-like instrument made out of goatskin, which needs to be heated before playing. With a predominantly acoustic style, he invents sounds from the shells of pistachio nuts and flower stalks of cane. In his composition Sizann, he uses all to great effect to create a driving beat to support his chantlike lyrics.

Honoré holds strong views about the Mauritian Creole community and his songs contain references to the problems that have affected this community.