Pursuit of Peace

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Pursuit of Peace (by Eric Reed) from Christian McBride’s album, Kind of Brown

Christian McBride is without question one of most renowned bassist’s on the jazz scene today. He has put out nine albums under his own name and contributed to almost 300 other recordings. However, he is also a peacebuilder of the first order. In his role of Artistic Chair at Jazz HouseKids, McBride has mentored hundreds of students. He also teamed up with Fodera Guitars to create the “Musician of Distinction Award” for Jazz House Kids, which provides young musicians with a quality instrument.

In regard to his concerts for the inmates of Rikers Island Prison in New York City, McBride says, “Positive music enhances and inspires all lives.”

In addition to its ability to entertain and be spiritually uplifting, McBride also feels music can help to bridge cultural and social gaps. “Music is a healing force,” he says. “Every time there’s some disaster in the world they call in the artists. They know the power of music can heal all.”

Making this point, Pursuit of Peace features McBride’s probing bass lines and perfectly fitted hand-in-glove melody and unison approach.