Pope States That Gay Marriage Threatens Human Dignity and Humanity Itself

Pope Benedict XVIOn January 10th it was reported that Pope Benedict met with diplomats from 180 countries and declared that same-sex marriage was a threat that undermined “human dignity and the future of humanity itself.” If one is to accept this notion, then the estimated 700 Million gay and lesbian persons on earth are to be forever denied the right to have community sanctioned relationships that are protected under state law. Both they and their families are further to be denied the emotional stability and respect that comes from being recognized as a family unit.

Basically, the Pope has called for the withholding of human dignity from those who are gay and lesbian, by creating a hierarchy that favors one group over another. The problem with this has been played out in history time and again. To say that one group is unworthy of the protections and rights of another is akin to sanctioning the devaluing of that group. This is how followers interpret statements such as these. It is also something that such followers act upon. Devaluation of any group leads to violence, and it is disingenuous for the instigators of violence to then attempt to distance themselves from violent acts that follow.

If we are truly peacebuilders, then we must accept that all people deserve the full benefit of those rights that we hold dear ourselves. If the greatest commandment is to treat others are we would be treated ourselves, then it goes without saying that questioning the human dignity of others demonstrates the greatest of religious failings.

by William Repicci

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