Poems For…One World

“Poems for…one world” is a Pasos slideshow presentation of selected works from “Poems for…” (a hyphen-21 project based in London) dedicated to the “belief that poetry matters and can offer a vital connection between people—offering rich and truth-loving communication, the currency of community.” (http://www.poemsfor.org/publicsite/). Poems in this collection have been translated from thirty different language to include Mandarin, Japanese, Tamil, French, German, Italian, Russian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Estonian, Ewe, Igbo, Tigrinya, Somali, Afrikaans and /Xam.

“There is a frontier in all of us—I suggest—between mental well-being and mental ill-being. We are almost as afraid to cross that frontier as the one that divides life and death, and our fear affects our behavior, the closer to the frontier we find ourselves…(These poems) speak clearly across this other kind of frontier, in the cause of better human connection.”—Rogan Wolf, Director/Poet

Slideshow accompanied by music: Rokia Traoré “M’Bifo” (Mali); Sharon Isbin, Guitar Concerto No. 2, Andantino E Adan” by Villa-Lobos