PAUSE for Peace—Int’l Day of Peace Event Sept. 21

international day of peaceSeptember 21, 2011

Peaceful Acts Under Surveillance Event

A grassroots art event sponsored by Pasos: The Museum and Center for Peacebuilding

Video Presentation: “PAUSE for Peace”

Commemorating the International Day of Peace—September 21

Today, there are an estimated 50 million surveillance cameras in the United States alone. To those who view us, we are anonymous, silent and disinterested. PAUSE for Peace is an event for individuals everywhere in the world who desire peace and who want to stand up, be heard and be seen. At noon on September 21 (International Day of Peace) in every time zone across the globe, individuals will take center stage by offering a peaceful display to one of these surveillance cameras. It is our symbolic moment of telling those who monitor us, that we too are aware of their presence—and that together we are accountable for making this a world steep in positive peace—a non-violent world where justice prevails on all levels.

Then keep the moment alive. Send us a photo of your peaceful act for our website:

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