Nancy Hannans

It is my intention that my paintings provide a refuge for people to celebrate our common human experiences, creating empathy and compassion for others. These are the stepping-stones towards peace.—Nancy Hannans

nancy_hannans_largeA native of New Haven, Connecticut, Nancy was a frequent visitor to the art museums at Yale and in New York City from an early age. She began to see universal themes that repeated themselves in the art of many difference cultures and time periods. This led to her fascination with the power of ancient signs and symbols to communicate common meaning and transcend the barriers of language.

Women are key symbols in her work, embodying the nobility and beauty of the human spirit.  She states that, “They signify wisdom, strength, honesty, courage and perseverance. These women are universal figures, representing all cultures and races.

“Once I saw the power of symbols to convey universal themes, I began to look for commonalities between my own interests and experiences, especially in the area of cultures and religions. I wanted my work to speak to all people. My paintings tell stories that celebrate our common human experiences, our connections to the natural world and our wonder and awe of creation providing a refuge for reflection.

“Looking back, I can see that this journey has taught me that, by following your loves, passions and interests, and believing that what you have to say is important, you will have found your artistic voice.”

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