Mission and Values

Our vision is a just and peaceful world where each individual makes a unique contribution as a peace builder

Our Mission
To connect, inspire and empower peacebuilders. We strive to be a hub connecting peacebuilders around the world, stimulating their individual and collective imaginations, and taking them to the next transformational steps leading to a just and peaceful world.

Our Values
Pasos Peace Museum is a 501(c)3 nonprofit museum and center incorporated in 2006 in the belief that peace is achieved in steps and that this requires each of us to accept the challenge of reaching our full potential as peacebuilders.

  • Creative Expression: Designing activities and exhibits to stimulate our collective imaginations, highlight challenges and successes, and lead us to the next transformational steps in peacebuilding.
  • Social Justice: Demonstrating that peacebuilding and social justice are inextricably linked and that we live in an era of unprecedented global commitment to both: thus encouraging individuals and groups to appreciate that as advocates of social justice, they are
  • Learning:Fostering intellectual curiosity that leads each visitor to explore new understandings about peacebuilding and guides them to integrate these into their lives.
  • Awareness: Enlightening each person as to how everyday decisions and choices relate to creating peace; thereby giving each of us an ongoing and immediate opportunity to be vibrant participants in peacebuilding.
  • Empowerment: Instilling a respect for the belief that each individual has a unique contribution to make to peacebuilding and then challenge every person to identify one thing they can do—in their personal life, family or community—to promote peace.
  • Self Discovery:Respecting that peacebuilding entails a personal journey that is enriched by contemplative practices and thereby recognizing the importance of settings and educational experiences that nurture this journey.