Meditation Garden

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gambaro_small Attitudes of Prayer—Creek Indian sculptor Retha Walden Gambaro strives to achieve a special understanding between “sculptor, sculpture and viewer,” and creates art that speaks of some spiritual experience.
miller_small The Dialogue is a new iconostasis, a beautiful visual history, created for meditation and prayer, which encourages humanity from all religions to break free from what divides us.
global_image_small Global Day of Peace and Prayer—This exhibition contributes towards promoting the idea that we are allone. Its aim is to align our thinking with that of great teachers and philosophers who have stepped thru the barrier separating humans from the divine.
menwar_small Sizann—Menwar (Stéphano Honoré) is a Mauritian percussionist and singer and one of the pioneers of modern sega music. In his song Sizann his playing of the tambourine-like ravanne drives the chantlike lyrics.
nawal_small Meditation—From Nawal’s album entitled Aman (translation: “peace and soul”). An acoustic roots-based fusion, Nawal’s unique sound combines influences from her native islands Comoros and far beyond. An invitation to
women all over the world to fight for their rights.
erik_satie_small Gymnopédies—Erik Satie’s Gymnopédies are three short, atmospheric piano pieces
regarded as the precursors to modern ambient music; gentle yet somewhat eccentric
pieces which, when composed, defied the classical tradition.