Lawrence C. Moss

Lawrence C. Moss is a lawyer and human rights activist with long experience in progressive politics. As Special Counsel to Human Rights Watch (HRW), Moss represented HRW in the General Assembly negotiations to create the new UN Human Rights Council and the annual elections of its members, and also administers HRW’s Hellman/Hammett grant program to assist persecuted writers. Moss represents the New York City Bar Association at the UN, and serves on the human rights task force of the United Nations Association USA. He served 16 years as a member of the New York State Democratic Committee, with eight years as chair of its progressive caucus, and led the state Democratic Party to oppose military intervention in Iraq, and to support full marriage rights for same-sex couples and ratification of the International Criminal Court treaty. Moss received his B.A. with honors in history from Brown University in 1973 and his J.D. from Stanford Law School in 1976, and has practiced law in New York and Washington.