Kenneth Piertrobono

pietrobono_largeKenneth Pietrobono is a New York based artist whose work focuses on political and social critique. Through photography, works on paper and installations, his work presents reflections of the civic and social environment. With alteration of language, imagery and context he works to make the underlying cultural experience more visible in the landscape.

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Past exhibitions: SOCRATES Sculpture Park, Queens, NY; Jackson Square Installation in Manhattan; SCOPE Miami Art Fair, Miami Beach, FL.

More than anything, I feel that I am trying to understand our landscape and realign it to reflect actual experience. I am a first-generation American and it is somewhat difficult to see the disconnect between the ideals people attribute to the United States and the actualities once they live it. Our opportunity/mobility gap is one of the largest in the modern world, yet the “Land of Opportunity” narrative still rings louder than ever. As the modern system grows and expands, I really think we need to understand it at face value, even if we can’t agree on what it means or what to do about it, lets just name it.—Kenneth Pietrobono

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