In Memory XIII

In Memory XIII

In the Face of Evil


June 10 and June 12, 2016

Orlando, Florida


Over the course of three days

In two separate and unrelated incidents

Two men shoot and kill fifty men and women

And seriously injure fifty-three


On Friday, June 10th, twenty-two year old singer Christina Grimmie is

Shot dead by a twenty-seven year old man unknown to her


In the face of evil

What can be done?


At a gay nightclub two days later and in the small hours of Sunday morning

A man randomly shoots and kills forty-nine and injures fifty-three


In the face of monstrous evil

What can be done?


After prayers and mourning

If we value life, we must do all we can

To ban the commercial sale of military style assault weapons


If we value life, let this presidential election year be the year

We confront our acceptance of a culture of violence


If we value life,

Let us do all we can to end the senseless loss of life due to violence.


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