In Memory X and XI

In Memory X and XI

Kalamazoo, Michigan, on February 21, 2016
A headline reads
“Random Shots on a Deadly Night for Kalamazoo”
Six dead at different sites
Five families in shock and mourning
A father and his son at a car dealership

Richard Smith, age 53
Tyler Smith, age 17

Sister-in-laws and their two friends in a parking lot in their cars

Mary Lou Nye, age 62
Mary Jo Nye, age 60
Barbara Hawthorne, age 68
Dorothy Brown, age 74

Four days later … more carnage

Hesston, Kansas, on February 25, 2016
A co-worker in a shooting spree on the way to and in the factory
Kills three, injures fourteen, five in critical condition,

Josh Higbee, age 31
Renee Benjamin, age 30
Brian Sadowsky, age 44

Honor the lives of those killed – put an end to violence
Americans terrorizing Americans
Stop the senseless murders

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