GUNCONTROLGRAPHIC3-300x86On January 26, the NoPassport Theatre Alliance & Press presented Gun Control Action Theatre at the Gonda Theatre, Georgetown University.


The pieces performed were a result of a request for submissions from dramatists, storytellers and poets.

NoPassport Dramaturge Zac Kline writes:

Artists must react. Artists must react to the world around them to be fully engaged as artists and citizens. They must react to what they see in the world that inspires beauty, and also what troubles them, what makes them questions, what makes them want to effect change and makes them want to seek out a dialogue with others. The artist’s responsibility is not to answer questions, but surely to ask them. Today we are asking questions, today we are engaging in that dialogue. Gun control is a serious topic not only in this county, but around the world. NoPassport Theatre Alliance and Press (Caridad Svich, founder) in collaboration with Theatre J, force/collision and Twinbiz put out a call for new writing about gun control. We received over a hundred submissions from playwrights, poets and theatre-makers of all regard with vibrant and important reactions to the recent events in Newton, Auora and the continued conversation and debate about guns in America and across the globe.  The pieces you will hear today represent just a small fraction of the writing we wish we could share, but also represent a vibrant first step in the conversation.  The conversation about gun control must be had. It must be had in our capitols, in our schools, in our town squares, in our churches and mosques and synagogues, and in the lobby of our theatres. We ask you to watch the plays this afternoon and enjoy, but also ask you to engage with us in this crucial dialogue. Some pieces are calls to action, some are calls to question, some are prayers, but all are part of conversation that we must be having and have too long ignored.

The pieces performed included:

The Wake by Caridad Svich

Hello, My Name is Joe by Amina Henry

Rand by Jennifer Maisel

Gun Play by OIiver Mayer

Cecily by Neil LaBute

Happiness by Chiori Miyagawa

Change by Elaine Avila

See Dick and Jane Get Ready for School by Gary Winter

Right After Virginia Tech  by Laura Zam

Electric Midnight Emergency Call by Lynn Manning

The Next Time by Cecilia Copeland

What Are We Going to Do About Little Brother? by Zac Kline

A Poem for Sandy Hook by August (Gus) Schulenberg

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