Globalized Soul

globalized_soulGlobalized Soul seeks to discover if a survival ethic is arising simultaneously among the earth’s cultures in this time of grave crisis. This has resulted in this documentary presenting a mosaic of humankind as it gives birth to a diverse planet-wide civilization grounded in religious harmony, environmental responsibility, gender equality, and collective nonviolence.

This film asks the question, “Is such a momentous human advance possible?” Their conclusion states, “Yes! It is happening right now! Those who travel the world extensively will tell you: Everywhere humanity—perhaps not fringe-bound despisers, but most decidedly the majority of people, people like you—sick of conflict, oppression and the rhetoric of separation and hatred—have moved toward the inevitable.” The film celebrates the difficult but inspiring dawn of the global village. With 35 interviews and 100 hours of footage of religious thought and practice around the world Globalized Soul points indisputably toward an emergent, sustainable paradigm.