Global Day of Peace & Prayer

Mary Jane Miller and Valentín Gómez

global_peace_largeThe exhibition contributes towards promoting the idea that we are all one. Its aim is to align our thinking with that of great teachers and philosophers who have stepped thru the barrier separating humans from the divine.

Meditation connotes serious thought or contemplation. The word is derived from Latin and means deep, concentrated reflection. As a practice, meditation is the focused attempt to free the mind from thinking, from the endless stream of words that crowd the consciousness. There are as many approaches to meditation as there are people. They all involve training the mind to observe each thought as it arises, to let it go, and return to a state of silence. Whatever method is chosen, the result is a quiet mind.

The goal is to be ‘mindful,’ to listen for the higher, universal self-residing in each of us. The mindfulness that results from meditating enhances all our activities, so when we are talking, we are truly aware of what we are saying, when we are studying, we are studying with concentration, and when resting, we are resting fully. Ultimately, our entire life becomes a meditation.

27-Day Meditation
Choose a word for today and keep it in your mind constantly. In every activity, relationship and thought, think of the word. Embrace its depth to understand life better to free you from conflict and prejudice. Tomorrow choose another word. Bit by bit, day by day, you will begin to understand the value of meditating, of existing in the space beyond thought.

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