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games_video_image_small Games for Change—An Introduction:
ABC News reports on a new genre of socially responsible video game where players are faced with issues like saving Darfur, the environment, or saving millions of people from starvation. Games for Change is a company that believes that video games are great for exploring complex social issues.
inside_haiti_small Inside Haiti Earthquake
Challenges assumptions about relief work in disaster situations.
food_force_small Food Force Food
Force teaches kids about global hunger and humanitarian aid work.
america_2049_small America 2049
An ARG on Facebook that presents a near-future America at a crossroads.
darfur_small Darfur Is Dying
Darfur is Dying provides a window into the experience of refugees in Darfur.
sweatshop_small Sweatshop
dark and comedic strategy game about offshore manufacturing.
wildfire_small Wildfire
Wildfire was created to address all of the Millennium Development Goals. The player must react to the various issues in the city that map to different MDGs (such as eradicating world hunger, bettering global education or improving maternal health).
gitmo_small Homeland Guantanamos
Spotlights the inhumane conditions in immigrant detention centers.