Freedom Theatre Co-Founder Zubeidi on Hunger Strike To the Death

zakaria zubeidiThe Freedom Theatre
Jenin, West Bank,    Occupied Palestine
September 9, 2012

Zakaria Zubeidi, co-founder of The Freedom Theatre and former leader of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, has been imprisoned by the Palestinian Authority for almost four months. No charges have been made against him, no evidence presented and throughout his imprisonment his rights has been severely violated, as described by among others Human Rights Watch*.

Today Zakaria’s release was yet again postponed for 8 days pending additional investigations. As a response Zakaria announced he will embark on a hunger and fluid strike to death which effectively means that unless the Palestinian Authority releases Zakaria he will not make it through the week.

*Human Rights Watch Article:

For information on The Freedom Theatre:

By William Repicci

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