Event: Save the Date March 19

Event: Save the Date March 19


Pasos Peace Museum and the International Institute on Peace Education invite you to a symposium on the themes of CSW 2016

Sustainability through Overcoming Violence:
Restoring Earth; Respecting Women

Fordham Law School
140 West 62nd Street at Lincoln Center
10AM – 4PM
Saturday, March 19, 2016

This symposium, illuminating the intersections between environmental and gender violence, will explore modes of learning and action toward the achievement of ecological sustainability and gender justice with a comprehensive framework of change from families to global society.

Panels of expert-activists who work toward these goals in several world regions, at various levels of society will outline some of widespread harms perpetrated through these forms of violence that impede ecological and socially just development and will describe and propose civil society actions and modes of education that empower citizens to overcome the violence while moving a sustainable, nonviolence local to global world order.

Participants will engage in assessing the problems in their own communities, families and work environments, and propose actions to be taken in these realms and internationally so as to mobilize global civil society to work cooperatively toward the desired order.

Online registration will be available soon via the International Institute on Peace Education. To receive notice when registration is available please email: info@i-i-p-e.org

Symposium co-sponsors: CONNECT, Global Campaign for Peace Education, Network for Peace Through Dialogue, The Peace Education Initiative at The University of Toledo, World Council for Curriculum and Instruction

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