America 2049

America 2049 is an alternate reality game on Facebook that presents a near-future America at a crossroads: civil liberties are in peril, and democracy is on the brink of destruction. You, the player, are an agent of the Council on American Heritage, tasked with the capture of a presumed terrorist. America, 2049: Human rights are in peril, democracy in the dust. You: an agent of the Council on American Heritage, sent to capture mysterious fugitive Ken Asaba—and into high-risk situations that challenge you to ask: What if? How close are we already to America 2049? How can we work together in real life to build a better future? America 2049 is a new breed of Facebook game, reaching beyond the world’s most popular social network to include other social media, fictional websites, historical artifacts, real-life events, and Hollywood celebrities. Change the future—play today.

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