A Bridge Between Continents

Courtyard sept 11 burano italyThough we continually hear terms referring to the global nature of our world, I still feel a sense of overpowering amazement at the way this often reveals itself. Last week as I walked through the streets of Burano—an island in the Adriatic lagoon near Venice—I came upon a small square. Here in black letters painted on the ochre plaster wall was the dedication for the courtyard, “Corte 11 Settembre 2001.”

burano italy



I had to wonder. How had it come about that in this sleepy, sun soaked island thousands of miles away, the events of 9/11/2001 in NYC had made such an impact that a square was named in commemorance?  What stirred these local Italians so deeply that they wanted to show their solidarity with those who lived through those tragic events?

As one who watched the Twin Towers fall, I stood in this courtyard 4,200 miles away and felt all the hope that the words “global citizen” ambitiously impart. This gift from the people of Burano immediately made us one with each another as it showed yet another side of the world’s peacebuilders.

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