In Memory XXII

In Memory XXII
In the Holy Month of Ramadan
Kabul, Afghanistan, a Truck Bomb, May 31, 2017
London, England, Murder by Truck and Knife, June 3, 2017

By Siegrid Raible

In two world capitals death and destruction reign
The weapons – a water delivery truck packed with explosives
Inside a white rental van three knife wielding assassins
The devastation incomprehensible

In the early morning rush hour of the last Wednesday in May
In Kabul’s diplomatic quarter a water truck delivers death
Men and women on their way to work; children on their way to school
A bomb kills150, injures 300

In the late evening of the first Saturday in June
On London’s iconic bridge and in nearby Borough Market
Three men in a white rental van mow down weekenders
Continuing their murder spree on foot, long knives in hand
7 dead; 48 injured … 21 critical

My heart is heavy
I weep for the families of the nameless dead and injured
My faith has been shaken

And yet I will continue to pray for peace and the end to blind hatred
Let us not become immune to violence
Let us put an end to this hate-filled cancer poisoning our lives
Let us build a better world for our children and our children’s children

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