Family Values

Family Values

By Siegrid Raible

What does it say about a society that condones the separation of women from their children; women who are fleeing conflict and/or physical abuse at the hands of husbands or drug lords? What is the impact of that separation on children as young as four months? Where are this country’s family values?

What does it say about a society which granted children brought here “illegally” by their parents an opportunity to become residents (and eventually citizens) but then six years later revokes that promise? These youngsters were raised in this country, went to school in this country and want to become citizens; some serve in this country’s military. They provided information about themselves and their families in exchange for the conditional recognition of their status. It seems the promise made by one leader can be revoked by a succeeding leader and now they find their destinies lie in the hands of 535 representatives and its president. Why should any person comply with any future offer proffered by that government when that offer can be revoked?

These are some of the questions haunting me today. I have to ask, how did we become a nation where we see the lives of 700,000 children and young adults not as future Americans but as bargaining chips? Where we watch as people seeking asylum, mostly mothers with their children, are separated from each other at its border?

I never thought I would see a more pitiable display of heartlessness and double dealing. I am saddened. I am deeply disappointed in the people of this country, many immigrants themselves. I ask again, where are our family values?

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