America, a Land of Hope and Dreams

America, a Land of Hope and Dreams

By Siegrid Raible

It is mid-January in the year two thousand and nineteen in what we heathens call the Common Era. I’ve made my new year’s resolution – I’ve given up watching the news, CNN and MSNBC. Watching what passes for news, the ugliness perpetrated by people upon one another and the planet, is too exhausting.

Instead I plan on channeling my energy into finding out what’s going on in my community; finding out what’s rotten in my proverbial Denmark. I plan on becoming a martyr, a Greek word meaning witness. I will hold myself responsible by asking questions, by petitioning,by being heard and by bearing witness.

I do this because America, to me, is great; she does not need to become great. She needs to be reminded that she is still the land of hope and dreams for its citizens and all who aspire to come here to join in the journey of becoming Americans. America is for me represented by the Lady who stand’s in New York’s harbor, my backyard, her lamp lit in a hand held high for all to see. She is not only the symbol of freedom but a symbol of the land of opportunity, a land ofhopes and dreams – like the dreams of Emma Lazarus; and those of Martin Luther King, Jr.; and those of Bruce Springsteen (from whom I borrowed the phrase “land of hope and dreams”); and….

So, with this New Year, I pray that we all bear witness to the ideals upon which this country was founded. I pray that we not be blinded to the vision that is America. And, I prayAmerica continues to be the land of hope and dreams as it was for my mother and father.

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